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  • What's Up in 2018?  Astrology's Forecast

Where is the economy headed through 2018? Will there be wars with roughly five months of volatile, explosive energies during this year? How can you best navigate 2018? We’re in the midst of a forty-year, economic and social revolution, plus a sixteen- year, economic transformation. Find out what’s happening with the U.S., some potential political and economic surprises, our currency, interest rates, real estate, oil, gold, and stocks. Detailed handout provided.

In this live talk on January 20th, Madeline also discussed some of the major surprises that impact this year:

  • ETs being evicted from our solar system for breaking cosmic law
  • Cabal and pedophiles being arrested here in the US and around the planet
  • The potential for technologies from the Secret Space Program being released
  • The new Sheriff in town!
  • The impact of these surprises on our economy in 2018

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What's Up in 2018? Astrology's Forecast

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