August 2016 Prosperity Opportunities

Are you looking for a good time to make some big money? If so, keep reading as I'm going to give you a valuable tip for later this month.

I'm Madeline Gerwick and I'm the author of The Good Timing Guide. Astrology is a wonderful tool for personal and business development. And it's also an incredibly useful tool for knowing when to take important actions. Your projects embody the energies of the cycles that are in play when you start them or release them to the world. 

The first half of August has some rough times for money and relationships. You may not know how to get what you want, or you might not be clear on what you want. Or once you're clear about what you want, you may discover you don't have the money to move forward. You may have thought you would have the money, but it's no longer there. It's even possible that the money was stolen, or you may have forgotten how much you actually spent. Confusion, scarcity and financial uncertainty are strong through August 18th. Relationships can be challenging too.

Then a lovely series of cycles comes into range. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all get together in the sign of Virgo near the end of August. They will be together for several days, basically from August 20th to the end of the month. However, not all these days are good days, and Mercury retrograde begins August 30th.

There's ONE window though, which is very strong for bringing in lots of prosperity and money. If you have an important task, such as a book, new product / service, a web site to launch, a store to open, an important contract to sign, or a company to start, then this is an important and possible date for you. It's the morning of August 24th, prior to a cosmic Time-Out – these occur according to your time zone, so timing this day is critical. If you have a big promotion to start, perhaps a Back to School or Labor Day sale, this is a great time to start it. You can refer to my Good Timing Guide for specific details about the timing.

Now if you want to hit a home-run for an important action that could bring in a lot of money, instead of just getting to first base, then a custom timing is highly recommended. Why is that? EVERY day has bad financial times, no matter how good a day it is. Everything is always moving and with a good time to launch, you'll know that your launch time is optimized for high growth and strong sales or financial rewards. A custom timing provides you a window of 8 – 10 minutes when everything works and there are no limitations on your activity.

Not all good dates work for every product or company. It depends to a great extent on the type of company you're starting, the type of product you're promoting or the type of web site you're launching. This is another reason to get a custom timing for an important event or launch. You'll get far better results when the energies of the Universe support what want to accomplish.

So get ready to use the morning of August 24th to make a lot of money! If you want to hit a home run, be sure to contact me for a custom timing. Just go to Consultations on the menu above, and choose a Business or Personal service.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

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