"I Predicted Trump or Sanders" Would Win. Here's the Rest of That Important Blog.

Political Potentials [published in March 2016]

Not since the 1960s can I remember such a polarizing and dramatic political process! There's good reason for this, and if you're hoping for a "business-as-usual" outcome of this Election, you'll be very disappointed. There's a revolution going on and you're part of it. Perhaps you remember me telling you that in the first MindShift video?

First of all, I looked at three sets of cycles for the United States (secondary progressions, solar arcs, transits) and all of them show the same thing. Not only are citizens angry, they're enraged! And they're not going to accept the lies they've been told for many years by numerous politicians.

What lies have we been told by our government?

  • ‚ÄčThat the government will pay off the enormous debt, when in fact, this is mathematically impossible, even with the incredibly low interest rates we've had for at least seven years. Notice that the debt has only GROWN in that time of low interest rates.
  • That GMO food is safe, when every other country in the western world has made it ILLEGAL to sell it.
  • That the FDA is protecting you, when it's really supporting the pharmaceutical companies, and allowing unsafe drugs to be sold in the markets. They also arrest and jail doctors who discover cures for cancer and other expensive diseases. Yes, this is really true. The cancer industry runs the FDA.
  • That the stock markets, bonds, currencies, gold and other commodity markets are free markets, when in fact there is a secret group that manipulates them.
  • That it makes a difference who gets elected President, when in fact the elections are rigged and whoever wins is a puppet for the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Elite (choose your word). Do your research and you will find this is true.
  • That the people in Congress and your President are working for your interests, when in fact they stopped doing that long ago and no longer pretend to do so.
  • That the health care system is set up to help you, when in fact a number of healthy options are considerably more effective, but not paid for by your health insurance because they're "alternative". In fact, our health care system ranks as the 47th health care system in the world for results (very poor) with the number 1 cost (yes the highest cost in the world for terrible results!), because the US has health care for profit.
  • That the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were for our protection or some far-fetched tale, when in fact, both those countries were invaded for purposes related to corporations who wanted the oil in Iraq or an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. Those wars brought the US a giant deficit, now $19+ trillion in debt, plus thousands of lost lives.
  • That the billions and trillions of dollars spent bailing out the banks, the insurance industry, and companies like GM were for our own good and necessary, when in actuality that was the biggest redistribution of wealth ever stolen from the American people in a short period of time. Those companies should have been allowed to fail, per the rules of capitalism.
  • That the Federal Reserve is an important, independent agency of the government, when in fact, this private corporation has been fleecing the American people since day one of their existence (Dec 1913) by charging the US government interest for every dollar they create / print.
  • That the educational system is an effective and highly advanced system, when in fact it costs as much as a house to graduate from college, and K-12 grades are reduced to becoming test takers instead of students.
  • That we should believe that three, steel, high-rise towers that cannot burn down, let alone crumble in a matter of minutes, were not imploded as scientists, engineers, architects, and firefighters have testified occurred with the three World Trade Towers. The Patriot Act was written well before 9-11, but failed to pass after the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing. A bigger event was needed to get it passed.
  • That we should not believe that UFOs exist when we can see them for ourselves, and they're reported every day all over the world.
  • That the oil, gas, coal and car companies are doing the best they can, when in fact, they have suppressed technology for at least 50 years that would have yielded more energy, less pollution and a better economy for everyone.
  • That the government or someone is spraying chemicals into the air via airplanes (known as chemtrails) for no known or positive purpose, and they will not reveal why they do this. Yet in fact people become extremely ill from the chemicals being repeatedly sprayed over their areas.
  • That the government tells us we have low inflation, when in fact it's really close to 10% per year when measured by the same method inflation was calculated with over 20 years ago. This impacts every person on Social Security and every federal employee. It also means that whatever growth the US government claims to have is a fantasy.
  • That wages have increased over the years, when in fact the real income for the middle class has actually DECREASED since the 1970s. This is where the income inequality issue gets into the picture.
  • That our mainstream media, which is owned by a few large corporations, prints propaganda as though it's fact, when in actuality much of what's released as news, and even studies, is false, disinformation. This is why investigative journalism doesn't exist in mainstream media.

Get the picture? That's just a tiny slice of the corruption that's gone on. You don't need an astrologer to tell you that NO establishment politician can win under these circumstances. Anyone who can breathe can figure that out. Ask your kids. (Even my brain-damaged daughter figured it out!)

So with that explanation it should be obvious that there are only two possibilities, Bernie and Trump. If only one of them gets the nomination for their party, there won't even be a contest. One of them will win, and I highly doubt that anyone but Trump can get the Republican nomination, no matter what they plan to do at the Convention.

Since the investigation for Hillary's email server and the 1300+ classified emails found on it is so serious, I cannot quite imagine that she can get the nomination. However, stranger things have happened. If Hillary does get the Democratic nomination though, that will mean Trump will win.

Why are so many people attracted to Trump? Because they're enraged and Trump expresses their anger for them. Trump's chart has Mars on his 29 degree Leo Ascendant (fire, fire, fire!). He may not get the words right, but he gets their anger right. They trust him because he expresses what they feel.

What's really bizarre is that the Republican Party doesn't get it. Whoever heard of trying to take down your top candidate? That's just as crazy as negative interest rates. And the more they try to do that, the more they help Trump to get elected.

Of course the Establishment politicians want nothing to do with Trump, because he's not part of the Cabal. He's not Skull and Bones. He's not one of them. That is precisely why so many people trust him. They don't trust the Establishment politicians and nothing those politicians can say will ever change that. They've shown their stripes with their actions.

Also notice that all Establishment politicians are trying to maintain the old paradigm, corrupt economy and politics. Plus, they're doing this against the revolutionary energies which are so strong. Basically they're on the side that's dissolving.

Could there be a good side to Trump winning? I wonder if Trump would / could stand up to the Cabal? He might even expose them by telling the American people what they tried to make him do. He certainly has the temperament to do that, but he also has family. Of course, that's how the Cabal gets all their bidding done. They threaten their families.

Remember when Michelle Obama and their daughters were in Air Force One and a plane came within one mile of their plane? That was a memo to Obama: "We can take out your family any time we want." So it's unknown how Trump would respond to that threat. He might cave too, but he's also quite a warrior. It's hard to know.

The other possibility I wonder about with Trump is how he would deal with Putin. Putin is a leader who threw out the Cabal in Russia and turned the entire economy around in a year after doing that. In fact, the reason we hear so much negative press about Putin is because he did that (plus he harbors Snowden) and our media is still run by the US Cabal.

Trump and Putin are more closely matched in skills and confidence than Putin and Obama. Plus, Putin has expressed his support of Trump. It's also possible that they would align together to take down the Cabal, especially in the US where it is still strong. So there is some potential for the gulf between the US and Russia to heal.

Could Bernie resist the Cabal? That seems to be the top job needed at this point. Bernie doesn't have Trump's money and power, but he's definitely on fire. We'll see if Bernie can get the Democratic nomination. He certainly has some good cycles for that to occur and he's been making progress lately.

In the meantime, start choosing your revolutionary leader, because you're going to get one.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

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