"I Predicted Trump or Sanders" Would Win. Here's the Rest of That Important Blog.

"I Predicted Trump or Sanders" Would Win. Here's the Rest of That Important Blog.

Political Potentials [published in March 2016]

Not since the 1960s can I remember such a polarizing and dramatic political process! There's good reason for this, and if you're hoping for a "business-as-usual" outcome of this Election, you'll be very disappointed. There's a revolution going on and you're part of it. Perhaps you remember me telling you that in the first MindShift video?

First of all, I looked at three sets of cycles for the United States (secondary progressions, solar arcs, transits) and all of them show the same thing. Not only are citizens angry, they're enraged! And they're not going to accept the lies they've been told for many years by numerous politicians.

What lies have we been told by our government?

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August 2016 Prosperity Opportunities

Are you looking for a good time to make some big money? If so, keep reading as I'm going to give you a valuable tip for later this month.

I'm Madeline Gerwick and I'm the author of The Good Timing Guide. Astrology is a wonderful tool for personal and business development. And it's also an incredibly useful tool for knowing when to take important actions. Your projects embody the energies of the cycles that are in play when you start them or release them to the world. 

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10 Things You Should Definitely Do During Mercury Retrograde

That pesky Mercury retrograde isn't all bad! It's actually the Universe's way of getting us to do some worthwhile things that may not otherwise get done.

Here are my Top 10 things to focus on during the next Mercury retrograde. Try them out and let us know the results - we ❤ feedback!

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Nature's Business Guide: Predicting Financial Success with Astrology

Nature's Business Guide: Predicting Financial Success with Astrology

4 Astrology Concepts That Can Make or Break a Business or Your Career

We all seem to appreciate that babies are born when they're ready to arrive. As inconvenient as it might be, we cannot control the timing for this. 

Yet when it comes to our other babies, our projects at work, and other creative efforts, we seem to think they should be born according to our schedule. Seldom do we consider that the creative process is organic in nature, a process that requires us to be open, instead of tied to an arbitrary schedule.

Year after year we run frantically through our work lives, often wondering if there isn't a better way to approach business or our work. Indeed there is! And it involves our attitudes, expectations and use of time. 

Time is one of those things we tend to "swim in" so we often forget to consider its impact.

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Arrange Your Office For Success!

8 Office Feng Shui DOs

We spend a lot of time working these days. As we do, people are looking for practical ways to simplify processes and make things easier. Are you among them?

If so, applying feng shui principles to your office can have a big impact.

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How Does Mars Retrograde Affect You? (Part 2)

Does your job provide you with a good paycheck, but perhaps is not fulfilling in other ways? During this Mars Retrograde, we're being asked to make our plans for the next two years, and we're also being asked to make plans that provide us more meaning and purpose.

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How Does Mercury in Retrograde Affect Us?

Are you finding yourself behind slow cars or trucks when you're in a hurry? Or maybe you're just finding that things are just taking longer to do than you had expected. Or perhaps you are slow to get out the door in the morning, late for your appointments. All of these are symptoms of Mercury retrograde, which we're all experiencing right now, along with Mars retrograde. 
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How Does Mars Retrograde Affect You?

Do you feel like you're at sea without a compass? Or perhaps you find yourself angry about a situation you've been bothered by for some time, but now you're boiling over. Both of those situations are completely normal for the cycle of Mars retrograde.

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Prayer of Leading

Prayer of Leading

Do you ever wonder how to quickly and easily determine if an opportunity is for you? Use the Prayer of Leading: "Universe (choose your word), if this is for me, expand it. If not, take it away."

Usually when you use this you will know the answer very clearly within a few days. If it's not for you, then you can use your valuable time to create prosperity or a good opportunity in a different way.

This is true even if you're asking about a relationship, as an appropriate relationship brings more prosperity to you. Either way you win by knowing quickly if the opportunity is meant for you.

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