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The Wall Street Journal reported that 1400 businesses which all started under the same astrological cycle (the Time-Out periods shown in the Good Timing Guide) all went bankrupt! All days are not created equal! Use the Good Timing Guide daily and find out how to achieve better results by using the underlying cycles to your advantage.


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2015 Good Timing GuideWhat did Walt Disney and J. P. Morgan have in common? Both of them used astrological cycles and timing for successful business results. Asian companies have also used astrological timing for centuries, and now you can too!

There's a popular myth that whatever happens to us during a given day is based on our thoughts, attitudes and goals. But unbeknownst to most of us, there are larger, universal cycles at work, which underlie each day's potential. Each day is different! No matter what attitudes we might have in the middle of a freezing winter, for example, it's not a good time to plant crops! While we're aware of the Sun's cycles, most major cycles are invisible to us.

Time-Outs, for example, are periods that occur 2-4 times per week, during a Void of Course Moon, and are offered by the Universe as times of renewal and gestation. We're not supposed to take important actions or make decisions during these times. When we try to push through them anyway, by starting new projects, making sales calls, placing purchase orders, or advertising, etc., we're rewarded with nothing, dead end roads, difficulties, and wasted resources. The author observed millions of dollars wasted in one company from not observing these periods.

There are other important cycles too, some for catching up and fixing our mistakes, some for successful promotions and growth, and some for legal issues and signing contracts. Still others are concerned with production, or new beginnings, such as product introductions, and starting new companies, teams or divisions. Besides using the Void of Course Moon cycles, the Good Timing Guide incorporates Mercury Retrograde, as well as many other astrological cycles.

The Good Timing Guide makes it easy to observe these cycles and plan your time accordingly for all common aspects of business. Available with the Guide are quarterly newsletters that cover long-term social and business trends, plus valuable timing tips.

If you want to achieve better business results with less effort, higher productivity, and fewer losses, order your copy of The Good Timing Guide and the Good Timing quarterly newsletters today!

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What's in the Guide

The 2014 Good Timing Guide excerpt This easy-to-use guide provides daily cycles and timing information for many common business activities. Now you can know when to act, when to wait, what to expect, and how best to use your time. No knowledge of astrology is needed - the information you need is presented in a simple, at-a-glance, graphic format. Besides the calendar, the Guide has 48 pages of text, to tell you how to use its timing information in your particular type of work. There's also a quick-reference key on the inside covers.

The Guide comes in a handy 5 1/2" x 8" spiral-bound format, so you can carry it with you or keep it handy on your desk.

The Good Timing Guide is also available online. The Online Guide includes both the Pacific and Eastern Time zones.

Guide Formats

Print Edition: The printed version of the Good Timing Guide comes in a high quality hard-cover spiral binding. In addition to both Eastern and Pacific calendars it contains 56 informational text pages.

Good Timing Newsletter and email updates:
Available with the Guide (or separately) is the quarterly Good Timing Newsletter that covers long-term social and business trends, plus valuable timing tips. Newsletter subscribers also receive frequent email updates, with useful and interesting information about current trends and events. Previous email updates are available FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY through our online email update archive.

The eBook Guide contains all the content of the print edition in pdf format. It can be viewed online or downloaded for offline use. The Online Guide also includes the Daily Guide, which lets you view the Guide calendar online one day at a time, for any timezone.

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Time Zones

The Guide calendar is published for Pacific and Eastern US time zones. For Central Time, use the Eastern calendar and subtract one hour from its times. For Mountain Time, use the Pacific calendar and add one hour. For other time zones, we suggest you use a time zone converter website.

Purchasing the Good Timing Guide

The Good Timing Guide comes in a hard-cover spiral binding and includes both Pacific and Eastern time zones.

The Guide is available from our secure online store. Order Now

Praise for The Good Timing Guide

I actually can tell you right now that the Good Timing Guide is indispensable to my business planning. Our copy is always out so we can plan projects, promotions, special in-store events, reorganizing and remerchandising, computer backups and so much more all according to the guide. We find we are so much more in sync and with the flow that the business runs much more smoothly. I cannot imagine starting or running a business today without the Good Timing Guide!

Andy Spyros, Handmade Galleries, Los Angeles, CA

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