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Company Organizational Astrological Analysis and Annual Cycles

Business Astrology Consultation This service provides a company overview and cycles for one year. Each company has a specific horoscope, which reveals its strengths, purposes, challenges, and the timing of its growth, successes, obstacles, and issues. Excellent for determining if you should expand, contract, make changes to your business, when to promote for best results and what the year ahead looks like. Provides specific financial and marketing information, plus all challenges and strengths. Can also be done for divisions, departments, or teams.

First hour $300, additional time (if needed) will be billed at $160 per hour.

Service Length: One to two hours, depending on client needs. Includes Consultation recording.
Fee: $300 per hour
Additional charge applies for written reports.

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Business Astrology Timing Services

These services address new company starts, mergers, facility changes, new team starts, major events, web site launches, and new product introductions.

New Company Start DELUXE Package, with report

Business Astrology Consultation This is a comprehensive service, and the best value. A specific date and time for your new company allows your venture to begin on a high growth date with good financial results, appropriate energies, and no limitations. Ensures you have Success Linkages with your company. An excellent investment!

Provides written instructions for using the report, and a complete company profile, based on the company's chart. Covers finances, marketing, products or services, customers, operations, contracts, management, and more. Good dates and times for contracts and mergers assure a successful business relationship and financial success.

Report Length:
(5 - 7 pages + chart)
Full Package Fee: $1,000

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New Company Start ECONOMY Package, with report

New Business Economy Start Package This service provides you with the date and time to start a new company with the State and instructions to do so. It also provides the Success Linkages between the owners and the company. It does not include the full company profile (only available with the Deluxe package). Econo New Company Starts are prorated based on preparation time, and generally take 3 hours, or roughly $540 (@ $180/hour).

Report Length:
(1 - 2 pages + chart)
Econo Package Fee: varies from $540 and up

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Company Date and Time Selection Reading

Business Astrology Consultation Select the best dates and times for contracts and mergers to assure a successful business relationship and financial success.

Please have up to 3 potential dates in mind, or a period of time that is a possibility.

Service Length: One to three hours for mergers, contracts, facility changes, and other new starts.
Fee: $180 per hour

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Single Issue Business Consultation

Single Issue Business Astrology Consultation Do you have just one area or issue in your business for which you want a consultation? This is a 30 minute consult for a single issue. Additional time is prorated at the reduced rate of $160 per hour ($40 for an extra 15 minutes).

Service Length: 30 minutes
Fee: $160 
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Answers to Specific Business Questions

Business Astrology Consultation Get astrological consultation regarding the answers to specific questions such as "Should I: hire this person, take this risk, pursue this opportunity, rent this location, develop this product?" etc. Based on horary astrology, a special technique for answering specific questions, which uses a chart for the date, time and place the astrologer hears the question. The answer is provided with specific information about the situation. No birth data required.

*Note: This reading can be paid for in advance but the timing of when you ask the question is important. Call Madeline to ask your question only when you're ready.
Important: Please DO NOT email your question.
Call (877) 524-8300.

Flat rate per question: $90

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Business Prosperity Classes

Learn how to attract the right employees, customers, abundant sales, product ideas, and solutions to your business effortlessly and easily. Find out how we create (and miscreate!) unconsciously everyday. Then learn to apply these abilities to consciously creating ease and flow in your work life. See our classes:
8 Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business.


Quick Phone or Email Consultations

For quick business questions such as good mailing or promotion dates, good starting dates for new hires, good times to mail proposals or bids, etc.
Fee: $3.00 per minute with $45 minimum. With recording for phone consults, add $5.

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  • Except as noted, additional time on personal consultations is billed at $100/hour, prorated.
  • If your needs for a timing or consultation require a very quick turn-around (within 1-2 business days) and my schedule is full, this can be accommodated. However the rates for rescheduling others and handling your needs quickly are as follows:
    Timings: $225 per hour
    Consultations: Add 20%
    Weekend work: Add 50%


All services can be provided by phone, in person, or in writing. Fees subject ot change without notice. Travel expense in addition to fees. Cancellation or rescheduling requires a 24 hour notice or a fee of $50 will be charged. If an appointment is cancelled after the preparation has been done, then preparation time will be charged at the rate of 50% of the appointment fee. Preparation is normally done 48 hours prior to the appointment.

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