How to Create Anything

By Madeline C. Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick astrology This process is from The Isaiah dead sea scroll, and is an ancient technology that works miracles. If you want to learn more about it, read The Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden. Basically, all possibilities already exist in various different timelines. The Universe, God, Goddess, etc has already answered all prayers and created all possibilities. We activate the timeline we're living in through our thoughts and feelings. When we FEEL stressed, we create more stress. When we FEEL happy, we create more happiness. When we FEEL joyful about something now, even though it's in the future, we bring that future to us.

The Universal Law of Attraction states that we create MORE of whatever we focus on. If we want to create health, then the trick is to focus on health, imagining how good you feel, as though you are healthy right this minute. If we want to create money, then we need only thank God or the Universe for all the money we want flowing to us easily and effortlessly. If we feel stressed over paying our bills, or feel like we don't have enough, we continue to create not having enough.

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Good Timing for Success

By Madeline C. Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick astrologyOne of the best-kept secrets of our times has been how astrological cycles correspond to business and daily activities. Imagine being a retailer and knowing which days people will want to part with their money! Or suppose you were a business owner and knew when to expand or contract the business, months or years ahead of time? Or what if you knew when to introduce new products and services so as to maximize their success?  All of this cycle information has been available for many years.

Perhaps even more important, what if you knew when NOT to make or implement major decisions?  The Wall Street Journal once wrote an article about 1400 businesses, which all started under the same astrological cycle, one that "randomly" occurs 2-3 times per week, and lasts from minutes or hours, to 2 days. The essential meaning of this cycle is "nothing will come of it", and ALL of them went bankrupt!  That cycle is not actually random, but it's not visible in the usual sense either.

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The Changes of Our Times

By Madeline C. Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick astrology

First of all, I want to put to rest the idea that the world is coming to an end at the end of this year. That is not what this year is all about. Earth is preparing to ascend to a higher dimension, a higher level of consciousness, and to start down the path of The Golden Age, when we’re supposed to have 1000 years of peace. So if anything is ending, it’s our old way of life. We’re going to stop seeing life as a win-lose proposition. We’re going to give up competing with each other and unify via collaboration. Even our diversity will be a plus. It takes many perspectives to get a complete picture.

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Feng Shui FAQ's

By Peg Donahue

Peg Donahue

What is Feng Shui?
Feng shui (pronounced "fung shway") is the practice of arranging your environment to enhance your life. It is based on the knowledge that "ch'i" or energy flows thorough everything - through nature, your human body, your work space, your home, your possessions, your life. Everything in the universe is connected and ever-changing. Your environment acts as a mirror of your inner state and affects you deeply on a conscious and unconscious level. Because the two are interconnected, you have the power to create positive change in your life by working with your environment.

In Chinese, feng shui means "wind and water" and back over 3,000 years. Every culture has practiced it, in the form of geomancy ... the practice of living in balance with nature and natural cycles.

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How to Buy Gold

By Madeline C. Gerwick

Updated on 12 August 2011

Madeline Gerwick astrologyFirst of all, I often hear people say that they have no money to buy gold, when they own stocks and bonds. If that’s you, call your broker now and sell those items that haven’t made at least 49% in the past year. That’s how much gold made, so why take less? And it will earn a lot more next year.

Everyone has different circumstances and risk levels, so choose the situation that works best for you. The best way to buy gold is to buy real, gold coins and have them in your possession. (More on where to store them shortly). To do this, look in the yellow pages for Coin Dealers or Google them. Once you find out who’s near you, call all the shops within the same hour, and get pricing and availability for the amount of gold you want to purchase. Choose the shop with the best pricing and availability. Also determine with whom you feel comfortable working. You want to develop a relationship with this shop. You’ll use them to buy and sell over time.

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