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Fred G. Sauer

President, Sedona Management Inc.
Toll free: 800-611-4409
Direct & Int’l: 734-945-8275

"Stress to Success"™ personal releasing and coaching programs
"Stress Free Organization"™ organizational program planning and implementation

Fred is a trainer, consultant, coach, and founder of Sedona Management Inc. Since 1999, Fred has developed and presented human potential workshops in the US, Germany and Ireland and trained groups and individuals in ways to improve their life experience by increasing their level of personal and business performance, success, and satisfaction. He achieves this by releasing blocks, limiting beliefs and fears with his clients. He has trained, presented to, and coached many hundreds of people in his career.

Throughout his life, Fred has had a keen interest in the power of the human mind and participated in a wide variety of related training and experiences. He has conceived, designed and implemented dozens of projects, involving at times hundreds of people in the USA, Europe and Asia. An engineer by training and over 35 years in business, Fred has retained a loving, human touch.

The "Stress Free Organization"™ Beyond assisting individuals, Fred’s vision is to facilitate the creation of stress-free organizations. In business these can include the company as a whole or one or more departments in large organizations. Outside business, this is a model for non-profit and community organizations. The effect of a significant number of the people within a group systematically reducing their stresses, anxieties and negative beliefs will quickly multiply individual and group benefits, well-being and performance.

Expected results for a "Stress Free Organization"™ are:

  • Increased individual and team performance, energy, productivity, creativity and well-being
  • Reduced production, customer and quality problems, absenteeism, and sales call reluctance
  • Improved bottom line results such as profitability, on-time delivery and customer retention for businesses. Greater effectiveness, satisfaction and participation for non-profit organizations
  • ncreased leadership potential by removing managerial inhibitors such as fear of public speaking and other creative blocks, fear of flying and jet lag, fear of success or failure and family stresses affecting job performance – even your golf game and other athletic performance could be enhanced


  • Facilitator Emotional Freedom and Healing (EF&H), 2006
  • The Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) ™, 2006
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Certificate – Basic and Advanced, 2005
  • Structure and Measurement of Consciousness, Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research, David R. Hawkins, MD., PhD, 2002-2004
  • Sedona Releasing Method Instructor, 2000
  • Training in the management of people, projects, productivity, quality, personal effectiveness and stress reduction, 1970-2002
  • MS, University of Michigan, 1969
  • MS-Eng, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, 1968
  • Member, Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET)

Programs and Fees: "Stress to Success"™ Personal Releasing · Fred will facilitate your releases with the most appropriate methodologies according to your personal needs. - Standard 50-minute session $95 - Extended 90-minute session $149 - Transformational Coaching Package of five 50-Min sessions $399

Personal EFT Training – learn EFT thoroughly to help yourself and your loved ones quickly and easily in any stressful situation. Includes four individual sessions, manual and 30 hours of official EFT video training. $399

Workshops and Group Releasing – Fred will schedule group and team releases to minimize group stress, fears and blockages according to your request by telephone or on-site. Fee proposals upon request.

"Stress Free Organization"™ Business and Organizational Programs

•Fred will develop with you a custom vision and implementation plan to make your business, non-profit or community organization a "Stress Free Organization"™. Imagine how life will flourish in an organization where the proverbial "sand is taken out of the gearbox":

1. start important activities and meetings with less stress, conflicts, subtle self-sabotage and negative polarity
2. reduce and eliminate employee stress at work and at home systematically
3. increase creativity, openness, energy, well-being and joy of life cumulatively
4. reach greater productivity, a heightened sense of quality and achievement as natural by-products

If you would like to see major improvements in the functioning and well-being of any organization you are a part of, whether personal, business, or community, contact Fred with your requirements, ideas and budget for a proposal addressing your unique needs.

Onsite Training, Consulting and Coaching – Fred will travel to your facility and organization. $1,200 per day, $680 per half day plus reasonable travel expenses

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