Meet Burry Foss

Burry Foss

Dr. W. Burry Foss

President, Foss Associates
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Dr. W. Burry Foss has a unique set of skills and services to guide your company to the next level. The Breakthrough Strategy is a proven management technique that has accelerated business results for industry and government for over forty years. It has delivered value for many firms such as the major energy company which decreased the delivery time for a company-wide software development project by 50%. Dr. W. Burry Foss has been using this consulting process in a variety of industries and institutions for over three decades. The process is especially useful for start-up companies and small firms that want to change and grow but are consumed by everyday activity.

Burry is a management consultant and certified Human Design consultant. He has extensive experience consulting to business, government and international development banks in information technology and general management. He has been working with a wide variety of clients in the US and Canada in IT strategy, business process reengineering, business results acceleration and, lately, the application of Human Design to business performance.

The Human Design system is a cutting-edge self-awareness and life path strategy, operating at the genetic level, which provides insights into the correct approach to live life to the fullest and optimize business performance. Burry has been applying Human Design and its business-oriented extension to quickly obtain improved business value. The unique combination of the Breakthrough Strategy and Human Design is a powerful means of aligning people to their basic business talents and leveraging the improved productivity.

High Performance Consulting Skills is a program that trains consultants in the techniques needed to obtain early and lasting results for clients and, in its third level, to effectively use the Breakthrough Strategy in a consulting practice.

Burry has written several articles for Computerworld and other publications on accelerating results from IT projects and improving software quality.

Credentials and Honors

  • B.Sc., Engineering Physics (with Distinction) University of Alberta
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Certified Management Consultant, 1975
  • President, Institute of Management Consultants of Alberta
  • Chairman, Systems Committee, XV Olympic Winter Games
  • Certified Human Design consultant, Human Design Center, Escondido, California

Services and Fees

Business performance acceleration using The Breakthrough Strategy. This can range from a half-day Breakthrough Workshop to a supporting consulting role to sustain performance improvement. The strategy involves setting a breakthrough goal as the first step and using the learning from this milestone to make further progress. Acceleration factors are used to speed progress and overcome barriers. Fee: $200/hour.

Business alignment using the business strategy component of Human Design and the Breakthrough Strategy to improve performance. This service involves the identification of the generic business talents of key participants and assigning them appropriate roles in a breakthrough project. These talents are derived from Human Design readings. Fee: $200/hour

Individual Human Design readings. These sessions reveal the inherent characteristics of a person including their Human Design Type, Authority, Profile and Life Theme. They also provide information about how to live according to one’s Human Design strategy and authority. Fee: $100/hour

Business Human Design readings. Specific sessions that reveal the inherent business characteristics of clients including their Talent, the genetic ability they have for business; Culture, the size of the organization they feel comfortable working in; Brand, how others see them in a business; and Essence, their overall performance characteristic in the business. Fee: $100/hour

High Performance Consulting Skills training. This three-level program trains people with some experience in consulting in the techniques needed to facilitate early business results for clients and to provide lasting client value. Level 1 deals with consulting techniques to move the client into action, Level 2 the characteristics in the consulting process to achieve lasting results and Level 3 the use of the Breakthrough Strategy. Fee: $200/hour