Moon Void of Course

What is a Void of Course Moon?

Void of Course Moon Stop Sign ImageA Moon which is "void of course" is no longer making any aspects (geometric aspects) to other planets while it's in the current sign. Basically this Moon is resting until it goes into the next sign. No action is occurring. No conversations with other planets are happening. This is our indication to finish things and gestate our plans too. These Void of Course Moons occur three times per week, and last from a few minutes to more than two days. On average they last 3 - 10 hours.


How Does A Void of Course Moon Affect Business?

The primary meaning of this cycle is "nothing comes of it." So these periods are not an appropriate time for new starts. First of all, you're missing or misunderstanding critical information during these periods. If you had that information or understood it correctly, you would make a completely different decision. When we make important decisions during these periods, we end up having to scrap our efforts and start over again. Billions of dollars, if not trillions, are wasted every year by attempting to move forward during these periods.

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Moon Void of Course Do's

  • Finish anything
  • Reconsider issues and avoid pushing forward
  • Gather information or brainstorm (just no decisions)
  • Discuss, write, or develop ideas
  • Catch-up on paperwork and filing
  • Research anything
  • Do expense, status, or project reports
  • Mail taxes to avoid audits, but ONLY if they are truthful
  • Clean and reorganize your office
  • Allow the creative process to unfold naturally
  • Relax, enjoy yourself, or do nothing; meditate, introspect, get centered

Moon Void of Course Don'ts

  • Don't make important decisions or take important actions
  • Don't sign contracts or important papers
  • Don't negotiate anything
  • Don't start something new
  • Don't start or open any type of business
  • Don't hold important meetings to make decisions
  • Don't approve or introduce new products
  • Don't approve or announce strategic decisions or new directions
  • Don't make presentations, sales calls or start promotions
  • Don't make purchases, investments, order products or services
  • Don't interview or hire
  • Don't make product or manufacturing changes
  • Don't start trips or make travel arrangements
  • Don't pay for advertising campaigns, trade show booths, etc
  • Don't send out email blasts or do direct mailings


Throughout my twenty-plus years of guiding businesses and individuals through good timing, I have seen countless examples of void Moons (or Time-Outs) exerting influence on the results of business.  In one instance, a small, independent store decided to have a big promotion, and invested an extra $1,500 in inventory and advertising for the promotion. However, unbeknownst to this business owner, the date that was selected for the promotion was an all-day void Moon (or Time-Out). Not a single customer came to the promotion! 

On another occasion, a very large computer company that maintains data for multiple, international businesses discovered the system was so messed up that they didn't even know where to start to unravel it. Two of the technicians had The Good Timing Guide and they realized it was a Time-Out or a void Moon. They also realized it was going to be over in the next couple of hours. So they decided not to do anything until the Time-Out (or void Moon) was over. This was the correct decision. When the Time-Out was over, the computer system fixed itself!


How To Take Advantage of Void of Course Moon Cycles By Using the Good Timing Guide

The Good Timing Guide refers to Void of Course Moons as Time-Outs. That's because everyone understands that you can't score when the ball isn't in play. This is the exact situation we have with a Void of Course Moon: you can't score! When you or your business start something during a Time-Out or Void of Course Moon, you're wasting time, money and energy. A research project found that 100% of 1,400 randomly-selected, bankrupt businesses all started under a Void of Course Moon or Time-Out. Signing contracts, introducing products, paying for advertising, hiring, etc. all fail.

So it's important to wait for a better time to take important actions or make important decisions. Void of Course Moons or Time-Outs occur all over the Earth at the same time. Since we're in different time zones though, these times vary according to your time zone. The Good Timing Guide shows the times for both Eastern and Pacific time zones. Adding or subtracting one hour will get you the times for other North American time zones.

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