Mercury In Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

What is Mercury In Retrograde and Why Does It Affect Business and Other Projects?
Approximately every 88 days, the planet Mercury appears to move backwards from our position on Earth (like when a fast car passes a slow train) for about three weeks. During these three weeks, we typically encounter delays and miscommunications, discover mistakes that must be fixed, and rethink, repair, replan, review, and in general redo things.

These periods are not good times to sign contracts, because they're designed to catch-up and reconsider situations. If you sign a contract, you're likely to discover your needs were different than you thought they were, or the details in the contract may be incorrect, or misunderstood. It's better to research your options during these periods, instead of signing a contract.

Mercury retrograde periods are tough on travel too. At the very beginning and the very end of the period, Mercury is standing still, i.e. not moving. For a guy who likes to be quick on his feet, Mercury is in despair when he's standing still. Typically we're moving very slowly too or not at all and we're normally frustrated by this. It's best if we can redirect our expectations during these periods, so we're in harmony with it instead of frustrated.

One of the best ways to use these Mercury retrograde periods is to plan to catch-up by scheduling roughly 50% less than usual. It's also a great time to do research or reconnect with old clients, friends or family members you haven't seen or talked with in a long time. Making repairs, cleaning out closets, having yard sales, and recycling things are all favored activities. Reprinting anything is also favored, but it's a rough time to print anything new, because there are often mistakes in new items. When you get with the program, these are helpful cycles!

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