Horary Astrology

Horary AstrologyDo You Have a Specific Question?

Often in business, or life, we have a very specific question we’d like to have answered. Should I buy or lease this property? Hire this person? Invest in this product or company? Loan money to X? Contract with this company to do Y? And much more. 

Astrology has a very good method of answering these specific questions. They are called Horary Questions. There are three requirements for these questions.

1) The question must be answerable with a yes or no. (Unless it’s locating a lost item)

2) The question must be asked via phone (or in person), while actually talking to me. You cannot send me the question via an email or leave it on a voicemail.

3) You can only ask one question per day. 

Once I understand the question and we have agreed on the best way to ask the question, I then clock the time. The answer to the question is contained in the chart for the moment you ask it.  This is a very reliable way of getting an answer. Often the chart shows me why the answer is yes or no, but that’s not always the case. 

My favorite horary astrology story is actually from another horary astrologer. She often visited the Oregon coast and wanted to buy a cottage there. She found one that she thought was perfect: the right price, lovely house, etc. Being a horary astrologer though, she asked the question about whether to buy the cottage. The answer? Not just no, but in her words, “hell no!” She could think of no reason not to buy the house, but the chart was so clear that she didn’t. Seven years later the house was buried in a mudslide. 

One of my clients began house hunting during Mercury retrograde one year. Over the three week period, she called about whether to buy four different houses. None of them got a yes. Then finally at the end of the period, her fifth house got a yes. Each home had a particular feature that she learned she wanted. The last house had at least 90% of all that she wanted, but until she saw each house, she didn’t realize she wanted each of these features. The horary questions kept her on track until she got the right place.

Sometimes we don’t know the why behind the answer. What’s more important is to get the right answer. If you have an important question you would like answered, call me at 877-524-8300. These questions are answered for the flat fee of $75 each. What a great way to save money and time by making the right choice easily!

If you want to learn about your company cycles for the year ahead, whether to expand, contract, which type of opportunities will be available and what the challenges will be. Call for a Business Consultation or a timing at 877-524-8300.

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