Business Astrology

Business AstrologyWhy astrology?
Unbeknownst to most of us, there are larger cycles and patterns that underlie each day's potential - the Universe's plan! While we'd laugh at someone trying to get a tan at midnight, or planting their garden in the middle of a cold winter, there are far less obvious cycles that are just as important to successfully conducting your business and daily life. These cycles impact us regardless of our thoughts, feelings, or attitudes, and allow us to choose the best times for our purposes.

How does astrology relate to business?
Just as there's a time for every purpose under heaven, there are appropriate times for business activities too. J.P. Morgan, Walt Disney and many Asian companies used astrology to time business deals, sign contracts, start new companies, introduce products, launch web sites, and other major activities. Astrology reveals the natural cycles or the Divine Plan of the day, so we can know what activities are most appropriate.

How is astrology used in business?
Astrology has many uses for business. Some of them include being able to see an organization's cycles, strengths and challenges, both from the beginning and over time. This includes information about the company finances, products, sales/marketing, management, operations, facilities, legal issues, distribution, research, company reputation and more. A company's cycles show the challenges and opportunities for the next year (or longer), as well as their timing.

How else can I use astrology in business?
Astrology can also be used by businesses to determine the best locations for expanding, seeking new clients, developing supplier relations, distributors etc. This is known as locational astrology. Another branch, relationship astrology, allows businesses to know ahead of time which people will work best as a team, which person will best fit the job when hiring and for counseling purposes.

What if I just have one question?
A specialized form of astrology, known as horary astrology, answers very specific questions, such as "Should I hire this person? lease this space? buy this property? Invest in this product or company? This can be done without any birth data at all. You just call the astrologer and ask the question. Very easy and cost effective!

I'm starting a new business. What can business astrology do for me?
The date, time and location a company is legally started sets up a point in time that describes all aspects of a company, its strengths and challenges, including the company finances. For example, some dates have high growth potential, and companies incorporated on these dates have a faster growth rate than average. A good date and time matches the company's goals, products or services to a date and time when those energies are strong and supported. It ensures there are no limitations on a company and ensures good finances.

By knowing the strengths and challenges in this company "birth chart", a company can make better strategic decisions, and know when major changes and events will occur.

Can business astrology assist with my choice of a business partner?
Selection of business partners is another great way to use astrology in business. How you'll work together, and whether you can make money together shows up in relationship charts. Having the right partner is critical to success, so find out the easy way what the strengths and pitfalls are for your relationship.

When should I use business astrology to pick a date for business activities?
The short answer to this is when the outcome matters to you. Depending on how much it matters, (a small contract worth $500 versus a $1 Million contract for example) you may be able to use just an astrological calendar or need the assistance of an astrologer.

Certain cycles are associated with failure and are best avoided for important decisions, implementations, new starts, contracts and purchases. As part of the natural rhythms of life, the Universe includes frequent periods for gestating our creative ideas, reviewing things, and renewing ourselves. When we fail to observe these cosmic Time-Outs and continue to push ahead, we're "rewarded" with nothing coming of our efforts. These particular cycles occur on average, three times per week and can last from a few minutes to over two days. They can be observed in astrological calendars or The Good Timing Guide.

How do I know if business astrology is working for me?
If you've ever placed an ad without getting results, called a strong sales prospect only to get turned down for an appt or sale, signed a contract, or started a project that didn't work out, you probably encountered a Time-Out cycle. We're always experiencing the same energies shown by the planets overhead. We're usually just not aware of it. You can learn more by having your chart or your cycles done to see how astrology is always working for you.

Can business astrology help me get a job?
Yes indeed! First use astrology to know which type of job you are best suited for, and then use it to determine the best times to apply for the job you want. Choose good dates for interviews, and once you get the job, choose a good start date for your work with the company.

How can I use business astrology on my own to improve my business results?
By using an inexpensive tool, The Good Timing Guide, you can know the basics such as when new projects will end well, if there's a Time-Out, what the landscape looks like for communications, travel, mailings, sales, promotions, contracts, manufacturing, investments, and much more. A newsletter and email updates provide business and economic trends, as well as useful timing tips throughout the year. The Good Timing Guide also provides tips for personal uses, and many job activities. To learn more about this, click here.

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