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Polaris has distilled the secrets of abundance and prosperity from the world’s great visionary leaders and brought it to you in a form you can use on a daily basis. Put these principles to work today with seminars such as Eight Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business™, and Emotional Freedom and Healing™ Release.

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Venus Retrograde Consultations

During Venus retrograde, we rethink our values, money and relationships. What’s the connection between these three areas? They’re all related to how much you value yourself. Approximately once every 19 months, Venus moves backwards for about six weeks and we reconsider these areas in our lives.

Venus will stay retrograde from July 25th through September 6th. Since we’re having some other challenging issues with Venus right now (she’s square Saturn, while Mars is about to square Uranus, indicating volatile and explosive energies), I’m offering Venus Retrograde Consultations now through September 3rd.

For those of you with relationship issues, there’s an amazing story in the sky this summer and fall, which could play out for you, if you and the other party are in alignment with it. That story is in my Q3 Good Timing Newsletter and much of it will be in our July 23rd free email newsletter. So sign up for either one!

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