Madeline GerwickMeet Madeline Gerwick, your accomplished guide to better business, higher prosperity, and clarity.

Polaris Business Guides helps you align your energy for success with The Good Timing Guide, Prosperity Training and practical astrology for business!

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Good Timing Package Print

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Prosper With the Universe!

Madeline GerwickThrough Polaris Business Guides, expert business astrologer and consultant Madeline C. Gerwick helps companies and individuals prosper by working in harmony with the Universe.

Gain a competitive edge by letting Madeline guide you into good timing for important business activities. Madeline's astrological consultations and prosperity training will help you reach new levels of success.

Stay up to date on the latest trends with Madeline's Newsletters and Updates for astrological economic forecasting, business trends, and good timing tips.

In today’s uncertain economic environment, Madeline brings you practical tools that you can use every day to improve your success. Time-tested astrological principles, once available only to a select few, are now made accessible and useful through The Good Timing Guide™.

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Study at your own pace in these original Online Courses in popular topics like Business Astrology and Electional Astrology.

Basic Business Astrology

Basic Business Astrology


The Ins and Outs of Business Astrology

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8 Keys to Success

Polaris has distilled the secrets of abundance and prosperity from the world’s great visionary leaders and brought it to you in a form you can use on a daily basis. Put these principles to work today with seminars such as Eight Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business™, and Emotional Freedom and Healing™ Release.

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We offer several popular courses to help you increase both your prosperity AND happiness. Visit our store to learn more.


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Einstein's Business

Madeline was invited to contribute a chapter to the new business anthology, Einstein's Business: Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence in the Workplace. This book includes chapters by such well known people as Oprah, Steve Jobs,Steven Covey, Donald Trump, and many more. Madeline's chapter discusses good timing for business success in Mother Nature's Business Guide.

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Idiot's Guide to Astrology

A delightful, basic book on astrology, full of fun & facts! This book is a complete overview of astrology, with plenty of humor, basic explanations, and over 375 pages of fascinating information. Find out how your world and life are related to the natural order of the Universe.

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